ADFABER’s Project And Ideas Included In The New Romanian Computer Science and ICT School Curriculum Grades 5 To 8

We are proud to announce that the Romanian Ministry of Education has recently launched the new Computer Science and ICT School Curriculum grades 5 to 8. The new version of the curriculum includes most of the projects promoted, supported or implemented by ADFABER. Once again, this is a proof that we are on right path with our projects and ideas aimed at improving Romanian Education. We thus take the opportunity to reinforce our commitment to help prepare children and adolescents for living in the IT world, and with this goal in mind we pledge to continue to make every effort working with our partners and sponsors.

The new Computer Science and ICT School Curriculum grades 5-8 encourages students to use technology responsibly and creatively and responds to the need to continue digital literacy efforts and to reconsider this goal in the light of new socio-professional standards. This is achieved by promoting a relevant curriculum, focused on building one’s set of digital competences to be used successfully both during academic years and later in life. Briefly, the new school curriculum enables students to learn to use computing and communications techniques in a responsible and effective manner. Furthermore, students will learn how to solve basic problems by building information processing algorithms and they will acquire the capacity to develop creatively IT products at the intersection of Computer Science, ICTs and Society.

“ I feel really proud to acknowledge that our projects pay off and that all  our partners’ efforts eventually turned into a direct and long lasting effect on the Romanian Middle School Curriculum. The fact that the official curriculum took on board most of the projects that we’ve promoted, supported or created should be seen as a reward for all our hard work and most importantly, as a confirmation that everything we have proposed, promoted and endorsed represented an added value for Romanian pupils and teachers “ – Alin Chiriac, Founder and CEO