Kids in Tech and BOSCH has a new challenge for the Romanian students – free robotics courses!

Starting fall 2017 – 2018, Romanian students from Kids in Tech  Clubs (schools and high schools from all over the country) will receive one Arduino kit and free robotics courses powered by BOSCH, global leader in technology services and innovation.

This initiative has the purpose to encourage and sustain passionate students to approach technology and programming at a higher level – making robotics projects. Also, through these Arduino kits we promote “Learning by Doing” teaching, where the students can immediately see the result of their effort and create unique and useful projects. Here are some examples of simple and cool projects made by Bosch employees that the students will work at next scholar year:

Through these free robotics courses, we want to help the students understand better the way that technology helps day by day society and how it could be integrated in simple actions as an additional help. *every club will be contacted at the begining of September for the delivery

More than that, we encourage the students to make their own projects and apps and at the end of the semester, Bosch will award the best ideas! Ypu will receive more details in fall 🙂

Thank you Bosch for joining Kids in Tech as sponsors and courses provider.

Special thanks to the teachers and students that made Kids in Tech possible!